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Acrylic colour 24x22ml


Acrylic Colour by Art ranger

Art Rangers acrylic colour uses a versatile colour range used frequently by artists and hobbyists. Excellent light-fastness, fabulous tinting strength, strong covering power and gorgeous colours-18 x Regular colours and 6 x pastel colours.

  • 6x Neon
  • 8x Metallic
  • 8x Glitter
  • 2x BASIC

Acrylic colour 8x 22ml


Acrylic colour by Art ranger

Art Rangers acrylic colour uses a versatile colour range used frequently by artists and hobbyists. Excellent light-fastness, fabulous tinting strength, strong covering power and gorgeous colours.

Acrylic Flow Enhancer


Flow Enhancer by Daler-Rowney

This colourless liquid is used to be added to acrylic colour to reduce its viscosity and enhance its flow.  Flow Enhancer is best added directly to colour in small quantities until the desired flow characteristics are achieved. Ideal for the use of Acrylic colours.

Acrylic medium, Soluble matt varnish

Soluble Matt Varnish by Daler-Rowney Specially developed for the protection of acrylic works from environmental pollutants which can cause surface degradation. Sealing the surface with a matt varnish provides a barrier film which can be cleaned or removed, but leave the paint itself unblemished. This varnish is solvent based and should be touch dry within an hour. However, as drying can depend on environmental conditions it is recommended to leave a full 24 hours for drying.

Black Gesso 500ml


Mont Marte Premium Black Gesso 500ml

Mont Marte Black Gesso provides a flexible matt finish suitable for priming and sealing canvas, paper, board and other semi-porous surfaces. Gesso provides a slightly toothed surface that allows oil and acrylic to adhere well to your painting support. For best results apply 2-3 thin coats of Black Gesso. Features:
  • may be sanded in between coats for a super smooth surface which is great for detailed works
  • adds dramatic contrast and interesting effects that regular white gesso cannot achieve
  • may be diluted with water.

Clear Texture Gesso 250ml


Mont Marte Premium Clear Texture Gesso 250ml

Mont Marte Premium Clear Texture Gesso is suitable for preparing your artwork surfaces with a transparent finish. You can use this versatile medium with acrylic, oil, pastels, and other paint media. It is lightweight, non-yellowing, and dries to a water resistant finish. This clear gesso is intermixable with Mont Marte acrylic paints and mediums, allowing you to create a tinted gesso by mixing it with a colour of your choice. Features:
  • Acrylic and oil paint clear gesso: suitable for use with acrylic, oil, pastels, and other paint media
  • Drying time: 1-2 hours
  • Lightweight
  • Non-yellowing and dries clear
  • Dries to a water resistant finish

Cryla Artists’ Acrylic

Cryla Artists’ Acrylic Paints by Daler Rowney Cryla Artists’ Acrylic Paints are the first acrylic colour ever launched in Europe. They combine acrylic colour tradition and innovation. Cryla Artists’ Acrylic Paints are heavy body acrylic colours. Features:
  • Available in: 75 ml tubes
  • Artists’ acrylic.
  • High pigment load per colour for optimal light-fastness and permanence.
  • Uniform eggshell-finish.
  • Ideal for high textured impasto technique.

Fluro Acrylic Paint Intro Set 8 Piece


Premium Fluro Acrylic Paint Intro Set 8 Piece

Mont Marte fluorescent paint is perfect for adding luminescent colours to your art and craft projects. This set features 8 bright colours in 18ml tubes that glow under black lights and have a smooth lustre on a range of surfaces such as canvas, card and wood. The smooth consistency and opaque finish of each fluorescent 18 ml paint tube in this set offers a brilliant neon look. Create bright artworks and craft projects at home or school with the Mont Marte Fluro Acrylic Paint Intro Set. Features:
  • 8 bright neon colours in 18ml tubes (yellow, orange, red, magenta, pink, purple, blue, green)
  • Smooth lustre on a range of surfaces
  • Glows under black lights
  • Smooth consistency and opaque coverage
  • Quick drying
  • Suitable for art projects at home or school

Gesso 500ml


Mont Marte Premium Gesso 500ml

This water-based universal primer is superb for preparing surfaces for painting. It is a bright white opaque primer with an absorbent character. Mont Premium Marte Gesso may be used on canvas, cardboard and wood. Once dry, gesso may be painted on with acrylics and oils. Mont Marte Premium Gesso is acid free and provides an absorbent surface to paint on. Apply two thin coats of gesso for a smooth surface with Mont Marte Gesso Brushes. May also be applied with a palette knife for a more textured effect. Touch dry within 2 hours, longer for heavier application. Clean up with water. Features:
  • using gesso on a pre-primed canvas gives your painting a smoother, more even surface
  • the smooth surface allows paint to flow freely and won’t get lost in the weave of the canvas
  • reduces acidity levels of paper and wood, giving your painting longer life when using these supports.

Gesso Spray Black-400ml


Gesso Spray Black: Ghiant Water Based 400ml

  • Artist Black acid free spray primer for a variety of substrates
  • Suitable for use with oils, alkyds and acrylics
  • Provides excellent “tooth” for better adhesion
  • Allow to dry for 24 hours after application before use
  • Recommended that 3 coats are applied for use with oil painting
  • Allow 2 hours of drying time between coats
  • Please read instructions on the can prior to use

Graduate Acrylic

Graduate Acrylic by Daler-Rowney Graduate Acrylic is an affordable range of water-based colors, ideal for students and amateurs looking for reliability and performance. These fast-drying, medium-body acrylic paint colors are smooth, easy to use, mix well together and are perfect for covering large areas or for everyday use. Features:
  • Available: in 120ml .
  • Good pigment strength.
  • High lightfastness (3*).
  • Medium body.
  • Water based and solvent free. Water-soluble and water resistant.
  • Flexible colors so no cracks.

Impasto Medium 500ml


Mont Marte Premium Impasto Medium 500ml

Mont Marte Impasto is a clear drying medium used to create texture and retain brush strokes. Impasto can be mixed with acrylics directly and will not change the effect of the final colour. Clean up with water. Features:
  • is a water-based medium so it cannot be mixed with oils but it can be painted over with oils once left to dry
  • adds an expressive quality to artworks and has the ability to bring painting into the third dimension