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Artist Brush Roll set

Artists Brush Roll Set by Mont Marte The Brush Set includes a great range of brushes in a convenient canvas roll. A fantastic beginners set! Features:
  • 18 brushes included (Various brushes and sizes ranging from 1-10)
  • The canvas roll folds and ties making them easy to be stored and transported
  • Mont Marte Oil Paint
  • Mont Marte Acrylic Paint
  • Mont Marte Poster Paint
  • Mont Marte Gouache Paint

Oil Brush set

Oil Brush Set by Mont Marte This brush set is a beautiful selection of hog hair bristled brushes ideal for oil projects. The handy zip case is perfect for travel and helps to extend the life of your brushes. Features:
  • 10 brushes included (1 x Flat 2, 1 x Filbert 2, 1 x Filbert 6, 1 x Bright 8, 1 x Flat 1″, 1 x Flat 8, 1 x Bright 6, 1 x Bright 4, 1 x Round 3, 1 x Round 0 )
  • Perfect intro set
  • Great for travel
  • Short handled ergonomic brushes
  • Ideal for painting with oils