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Cryla Artists’ Acrylic

Cryla Artists’ Acrylic Paints by Daler Rowney Cryla Artists’ Acrylic Paints are the first acrylic colour ever launched in Europe. They combine acrylic colour tradition and innovation. Cryla Artists’ Acrylic Paints are heavy body acrylic colours. Features:
  • Available in: 75 ml tubes
  • Artists’ acrylic.
  • High pigment load per colour for optimal light-fastness and permanence.
  • Uniform eggshell-finish.
  • Ideal for high textured impasto technique.

Detail Brush Collection


Detail Brush Collection by Mont Marte.

When you want to create precise details and fine lines, this is the set you’ll want by your side. Each detail paint brush features an ergonomic handle that gives you great control and a little extra comfort for those longer creative sessions. Plus, the taklon bristles make them suitable for all types of paint including oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache.


  • Angled spot liner 0
  • Round brush 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 4
  • Liner brush 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1
  • Flat brush 1, 0
  • Spot brush 3/0, 4/0

Paint and Sculpt- shapers


Paint and Sculpt shapers by Mont Marte.

This Mont Marte set contains 5 Paint and Sculpt Shapers, each with a different flexible rubber nib. Features:
  • Use to apply and remove paint,
  • Blend and define pastels or charcoal,
  • Smooth and contour clay,
  • apply glue and masking fluid.

Professional Artists’

Professional Artists’ Oil paint by Daler-Rowney Professional Artists’ Oil paint offers professional artists superb color brilliance and permanence. Ideal for impasto techniques, Artists’ Oil colors are characterized by their thick buttery consistency and their uniform gloss-finish. Features:
  • Purest pigments triple-milled.
  • Optimal light-fastness and permanence (19 colors offering 4*).
  • Thick buttery consistency.
  • Superb color brilliance.
  • Excellent covering power.