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What paint to start with?

Are you a first time painter?

What paint is best to start with?

If you want to take up painting as a hobby or starting out as a young artist, I will most definitely suggest that you start with Acrylic. Learning to paint with Acrylic is an adventure and very exciting to master the the various tools and techniques on how to capture the essence of objects on canvas. So jump in with both feet or brushes- it’s completely up to you! 

Acrylic is best paint to start with because it is remarkably versatile, fast drying and is probably the most forgiving material to paint with. If you make a “mistake” you can paint over it in just a few minutes after drying time. 

Well, now that you are a bit more informed, You can take the leap and  ready to purchase some art supplies to get you started. First you want to select a Set or Individual, student quality paint to get you where you want to be.

Few Student Quality acrylic options, that is very affordable:

  • Iris
  • Dala
  • Art Ranger

Now that you are sorted on what paint to buy, you are probably wondering about the type of brushes?

I would like to suggest getting synthetic brushes because they’re very affordable and easier to use. It is advisable to select a small variety different tip types like flat, round, etc. Each type of brush creates a distinctive shade and the strokes of a brush can be thought of as its vocabulary. If you are not sure which brushes to choose from, just ask any of the friendly consultants at Archneer.

When painting, examine your likes and dislikes for colour and approach mixing with an open mind.